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Power of Art in Making eduaction More Engaging for Children with Special Needs

Man playing with child: Power of Art in Making Education More Engaging for Children with Special Needs.

CDSS believes art is important for kids with special needs. CDSS considers that artistic activities can help stimulate and strengthen the cognitive and physical skills that generally challenge special needs children, such as oral, tactile, visual, sensory, and motor skills. This is why we at CDSS advocate for art as an important tool in the learning process for children with special needs.

‘Education’ for Special needs children should be focused on physical & cognitive improvements of children, but ‘great education’ should also address “extras” such as fine or performing arts that can help children develop their communication & expressive sides as well. More and more educators, therapists and organizations are recognizing the fact that some children learn most effectively through the arts.
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For instance, there are cases of non-verbal students who learn to sing before they learn to talk. Social skills can be taught through drama, especially where participants write and perform their own scenes or musicals or perform unscripted acts. Science, mathematics, and other academic subjects can be made more accessible through drawing, painting, sculpting and mixed media.
Consistent involvement in the arts can increase a student’s achievement across all subject areas, as well as social and adaptive skills. Part of this is due to the multi-sensory nature of the arts: memory and cognition abilities improve when academic content is combined with movement, rhythm, sound phrases, textures, and other sensory inputs. Many believe as CDSS does that music engages & promotes the neuron activities & system in the human brain, which supports development in sensory-motor skills, speech, and social abilities. Additionally, music therapy can be individualized to accomplish goals in fine motor skills, speech, social skills, emotional processing, and memory.
Feel free to contact CDSS to get more information about the benefits of Arts for special needs children. Our staff can guide you in the right direction when integrating the arts aspect of participants’ learning within their overall Support strategy.


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