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Supported Independent Living (SIL)


We believe participants want to live as independently as possible

Serving Coffee to Woman in Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a crucial service the NDIS delivers. It aims to empower participants to confidently live an independent lifestyle in a supportive Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) setting.

Cervino Disability Support Services (CDSS) understands what a difference SIL programs can make, facilitating participants’ provision of housing and developing their capacity for independent living; encouraging people to feel a part of the world; providing residents with the resources and freedom they need to develop new skills and strategies, building their independence, confidence and self-esteem.

SIL promotes active citizenship and social development. CDSS supports this service because everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow towards living more independently, with and among their fellow community members. Our supported independent living team is fully trained and committed to reducing barriers that may hinder our participants’ ability to engage in and thrive within supported community housing settings.

CDSS lists SIL’s benefits in multiple domains –

  • helping participants develop to their full physical and mental potential
  • creating individuals with psychological stability
  • enabling residents to grow in society
  • fostering social skills and interpersonal relationships
  • providing and paying for home care and support
  • creating a caring community as well as helping people with disabilities find their place in society
In addition to providing a space to live in, healthcare and independence, our staff allows residents to actively look for opportunities to participate in community activities and enrich their lives beyond their homes.

Moreover, with a staff-to-resident ratio of 1:4, people feel safe and experience empowerment in learning and practising social interactions with our helpful staff on the floor, building their social skills in a supportive environment. As time goes by, residents establish relationships of trust with their support workers, with whom they will share many daily household tasks and personal care activities—such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, grooming, appointments, and medications
Supported Independent Living : Individuals in wheelchairs gathered around a table for a meeting or social event

Supported independent living is not simply a set of services but a life skill that gives participants information and abilities to live an independent and different home life one in which support is at hand to assist with tasks such as dressing, shopping, and meal preparation so that you can participate fully in the household and feel you are living your life in your way.

We strongly believe at CDSS that all participants can enjoy the benefits afforded by SIL, regardless of their level of support needs. Those who are entirely dependent and require so much assistance in their daily lives usually seek assistance at home to reduce their hospital stays. However, even those who experience minimal support needs can play a more significant role in their communities with SIL.

Through SIL, people at CDSS approach life with greater tenacity and self-assurance. They strive towards personal growth and experience more connected social networks through supported independent living.

Finally, CDSS will continue to fight for the potential of supported independent living as a foundational piece of the ancestral spectrum of disability support. We’ll continue to stand up for whole hearts thriving in entire worlds.

Woman and child using iPad, supported by Cervino Disability Support Services!

We aim to support and enhance the lives of those needing assistance.

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