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Community AccessOut-of-Home care

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Community Access /Out-of-Home care

Access to the community and out-of-home care are critical components of the support CDSS provides to participants. This support helps participants enjoy abundant social activities and community events. Under the supervision and care of CDSS staff members, participants have the best opportunity to participate in activities that foster social inclusion. As a result, participants can enjoy a rich and fulfilled life.

Community access is therefore, one of the eight residential community days supports that CDSS offers to promote autonomy and ensure a better life for the participants. The community access services consist of staff escorts in small groups, leisure time, and cultural and recreational or social events, with considerable emphasis on community inclusion and participation based on the person’s interests and preferences. Some of the activities and events that the staff might assist the participants with include:

At Cervino Disability Support Services, we recognise that what is rewarding and meaningful for one participant might be different for another. Therefore, each of our support services is tailored to the needs and aspirations of each participant and might involve helping novelists meet new writers and promote their writing, trying new hobbies, participating in cultural festivals, or enjoying leisure activities such as bowling.

In addition to enabling community access, CDSS provides out-of-home care to people who may require support in settings other than or in addition to their primary home. CDSS’s staff are committed to providing caring, dependable services for participants in various out-of-home environments.

We stand by our purpose—to provide quality support services, allowing individuals to live valuable and fulfilling lives through community access and out-of-home care. CDSS strives to enhance all participants’ independence, social inclusion, and well-being.

Please contact us to learn more about community access or out-of-home care services or to schedule an appointment. At CDSS, we recognise the aspiration for greater independence and heightened participation in the community.

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We aim to support and enhance the lives of those needing assistance.

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