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Giving support to Carers through providingRespite care for participants

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We believe participants want to live Respite care for participants

Respite care: emergency relief, providing support to overwhelmed families

Supporting carers is a core business for Cervino Disability Support Services (CDSS) because we appreciate that carers are often vulnerable. Carers usually have multiple demands and responsibilities; supporting them is part of our everyday business. It has been officially recognised and funded with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) call for ‘Increase Carer Capacity’. In the higher needs streams of the NDIS, carers often miss out on respite because they are ‘available’.

We address this with a broad range of respite care services provided by CDSS, which provide a much-needed break for carers and ensure that participants get the care they need with the safety and dignity they deserve.

Respite care provides short-term, temporary, or emergency relief to the family, friends, or other carers of an NDIS participant. People caring for others can become exhausted and devoted to marriage support and encouragement from others. At CDSS, we understand that residents caring for someone can put significant stress on their families, carers, and friends with the particularly arduous demands of this role.

Our respite care services will help to reduce these stresses by allowing carers to take some time away to attend to their social needs and activities.

Flexibility is one of the core values underpinning CDSS’s respite care service, available to carers on weekdays, weekends, evenings, overnights, holidays, and more. The idea is to provide respite care whenever carers need it so that they can take a moment to rest and recharge, knowing that someone else is looking after the person they care for.

Respite care arrangements are tailored to meet the expressed needs of participants and carers: anyone, whether a family member or a formal paid care worker, who contributes to a participant’s safety and wellbeing or anyone who benefits from a participant’s care. At CDSS, those needs can range from companionship and supervision during the day or overnight for a few hours to dedicated disability nursing for days.

NDIS Respite Care: Man in Wheelchair Rests Comfortably
CDSS respite care for NDIS participants: A man in a wheelchair playing an acoustic guitar next to a woman, both enjoying the music.

We allow for a broad range of activities during the respite care sessions, which we determine in collaboration with participants to be within their interests and preferences. These range from engaging in leisure activities and pursuing hobbies at home to spending time outdoors at community events or on trips to a variety of local attractions.

We acknowledge, at CDSS, that carers may find it difficult to hand over the care of a loved one to others. We aim to be open, creative and collaborative throughout the various stages. At CDSS, our team works with carers and families to undertake comprehensive assessments and create person-centred care plans that ensure that a participant’s choices are understood and respected and that carers feel comfortable and supported throughout respite care.

Alongside direct care and support for participants, CDSS complements carer support through our work in providing them with access and guidance to navigate their path in the NDIS and connecting them to other appropriate support services. Carers can access information on the types and extent of planned supports, including details of funding limits that might influence the eligibility for disability support pensions or respite care programs. We support carers’ engagement with the NDIS and access to further support services through information provision and emotional support.

Cervino Disability Services supports carers as they try to give their best to their participants. Comprehensive and flexible respite services give carers time to care for themselves while participants receive the best care and support available. We at Cervino Disability Services (CDSS) can help you and your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our respite care services. Cervino Disability Services (CDSS) is here any time you need our assistance.

Female doctor assisting a male patient services provided by CDSS

We aim to support and enhance the lives of those needing assistance.

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