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NDIS Transport Services

CDSS helps participants access these services

Participants requiring NDIS transport to and from NDIS funded supports

Assisted Mobility: NDIS transport Transport Service for a Joyful Woman in a Wheelchair

CDSS has extensive experience assisting NDIS participants in getting to their chosen supports and activities punctually. Our transportation services cater to the needs of all our clients in the most well-organised and effective manner possible.

For clients who need NDIS transport at home or in the community to services funded by the NDIS drop-offs and pick up from medical appointments, transportation to and from Supported Independent Living (SIL) activities, school drop-offs and pickups, CDSS can assist you in coordinating all your travel needs. CDSS’s NDIS transport service offers commuting to all your appointments on time and returning you home safely and efficiently.

For example, one benefit CDSS provides is the ability for clients who have permanent or severe disabilities to obtain discounted taxi fares. By helping to set up transportation for our clients, we allow them to receive the necessary services while decreasing their stress and worry about transportation. This includes transport support (aside from taxi services such as Uber) funded by the NDIS, which is diverse and based on needs.

This can include training and support in using public transport, assessment of vehicle modifications, driver assessment and training, and other ways of getting around, such as by taxi or privately hired transport.

CDSS works with participants to access NDIS funding for driving lessons when appropriate and required to achieve their goals. Participants with an ‘Improved Daily Living’ funding category may access specialised driving lessons through accredited driving schools to build or rebuild skills and gain increased independence and mobility.

CDSS is committed to providing rides, but our role is not simply about scheduling transport; we also actively engage with clients to advise, direct and support participants in navigating the transportation process. If people have questions, we want them to know that our staff are around to help.

Reliable transport is important to people with disabilities because it can help them live fulfilling lives and be more independent. By streamlining access to NDIS transport services and providing individualised support for them, CDSS helps our clients be more involved in their communities and access the services and resources they need.

Transportation is a critical access point and essential factor in facilitating other areas of social inclusion and participation, including medical appointments, recreation, schooling, and much more. At CDSS, we felt that it was important to create a model that would assist in addressing some of these transportation barriers that are preventing people from participating in life to the fullest.


A man in a wheelchair accompanied by a woman standing near a car NDIS transport

Ensuring you have access to safe, reliable and inclusive transport is at the core of our community services commitment. We help people to stay connected to their communities through NDIS transport support. As a CDS provider, CDSS knows how crucial it is for you to feel confident and independent when you travel. CDSS offers reliable and flexible transport for people under the NDIS.

If you have concerns about transportation or want to make an appointment to see us for personalised assistance, don’t hesitate to do so. We want to be there for you, trucking with care.

We aim to support and enhance the lives of those needing assistance.

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