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Supported Independent Living – Living Together and Living better

Mother helps her child, focusing on achieving goals and ensuring safety.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an area of support offered to participants by NDIS that is meant to help them live as independently as possible in a supported Specialist Disability Accommodation setting. SIL gives Participants a sense of autonomy and confidence in knowing they can participate in a residential environment setting with other people, which is safe and caring. Cervino Disability Support services (CDSS) recognises the importance of SIL in helping participants gain higher independence and stronger self-esteem and is a strong advocate for this service to help them with their personal development and social skills.The expert team at CDSS gives participants this support in housing settings to provide them with dedicated aid and care so the full benefits of SIL are realised. CDSS identifies SIL benefits as encompassing the development of residents from a personal perspective such as their mental, psychological and physical development but also their social skills growth such as how they relate and engage with other residents. Aside from providing our residents with home care and support, our support staff also help residents engage with everyday events outside the home like community activities.

Participants feel comfortable in engaging with our staff onsite and are supported and encouraged to build effective social skills with peers. The residents in the SIL setting at CDSS inevitable build up relationships of trust with their support workers who assist them with daily household and personal tasks such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, grooming and managing appointments and medication.
Supported independent living is a life skill the teaches participants to live with other residents in a pleasant home environment. Participants feel assisted and safe knowing staff are at hand to help them with daily tasks, like personal care or cooking meals. This means participants engage and get involved in household activities and lifestyles that allow them to live as independently as possible, while building their abilities to cope as autonomously as possible with life’s challenges. CDSS believes these advantages with SIL could be out of reach for some participants not involved in the program. Supported independent living is also a great avenue for people with higher support needs or for participants with lower needs, who need some level of help at home.


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