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Why should you choose a registered NDIS provider?

NDIS service providing goal-focused supports for participants' needs, upholding disability rights

Selecting a Registered NDIS Provider Is Important

Overview of Authorised NDIS Providers

To receive support and services through the NDIS, you must choose an ‘NDIS-registered provider’. This organisation has demonstrated it meets the guidelines set by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission to deliver safe, reliable, and efficient services. It’s important to know why you must choose a registered NDIS provider so you can speak up and have a say in the support you or your family members need.

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Advantages of Selecting a Registered NDIS Provider:

1. Assurance of Quality

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission devised these quality and safeguards standards. Registered NDIS providers must fulfil these standards. Participants in the NDIS can confidently select a registered provider who will provide a high-quality, safe, and effective service. They will know that care meets laws and industry best-practice standards.

2. Talented and Experienced Employees

Registered NDIS providers must employ workers, clinical staff, allied health professionals, specialists and activity facilitators who have completed advanced certification and training. They are educated with a two-fold approach: to ensure person-centred care and to adapt their services to the changing needs of each participant. This ensures that participants will be cared for by experts with the knowledge and ability to address their unique needs and requirements competently.

3. Obtaining Access to Various Services

To meet these different needs, registered NDIS providers provide high-level services and support to participants. NDIS-registered providers offer diverse support tailored to meet an individual participant’s needs. These include personal care support, assistance with household tasks, therapy services, community access programmes, and much more. This means that participants’ care and support packages can be ‘simplified’ to get all their support from one source.

4. Open Pricing and Invoicing

Open and transparent pricing and billing Apply at all times, so registered NDIS providers are banned from charging extra or adding ‘hidden’ costs to participants’ bills – providers cannot charge higher prices for their services than specified in the NDIS Price Guide, and must also make sure participants receive clear, comprehensive bills. All of this helps to ensure members are aware of the costs associated with their care and support and can manage their budget accordingly.

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Difficulties in Selecting a Licenced NDIS Provider

1. Restricted Accessibility

Participants need help finding registered NDIS providers, especially in rural and remote areas. Sometimes, it is hard for participants to access the services they need because they need help finding registered providers who offer the services they need. Sometimes, it takes work for participants to access the support and services they need as they have been unable to find registered providers who offer them.

2. Prolonged Wait Periods

The waiting periods involved in obtaining support from licenced providers may be significant. Due to the high demand for NDIS services, there can be considerable delays in receiving the necessary care and assistance that participants need to achieve their goals and maintain their independence.

3. Selecting the Correct Fit

As there are very few certified NDIS providers who can meet each participant’s multiple and specific needs and preferences, finding a provider who faithfully supports them regarding their needs, values, and aspirations necessitates participants looking into many providers. They would need to do their due diligence by interviewing each of them until they find their match, which can be a tedious, if not soul-crushing, process.

Man playing with child: Power of Art in Making Education More Engaging for Children with Special Needs.

Reasons to Select CDSS as Your Approved NDIS Provider

Cervino Disability Support Services (CDSS) is a registered NDIS Provider who believes in providing quality support and services to people with disabilities in a supportive and kind manner. Here are a few advantages of using CDSS:

1. Skilled and knowledgeable personnel

CDSS employs experienced and educated therapists, allied health professionals and support workers who can provide individually tailored care and support to every one of our participants. Many full-time and part-time staff members help the participants achieve their goals on-site at each site. To ensure that each of our staff members has the competence and skills to address the diversity of needs we encounter effectively, we have robust processes for training and credentialing.

2. Wide-ranging Service Offering

As a sizeable multiservice organisation, we are well-equipped to meet the personalised needs of each of our members. You have an approach to care and support that must meet my physical, emotional and social needs; consequently, you provide personal care and household assistance, counselling services and community access programmes.

3. Dedication to Safety and Quality

CDSS ensures that our participants always get the highest-quality and safest services. We strictly adhere to the quality standards set by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission and always assure safe, efficient, and reliable treatment.

4. The Person-Centered Method

Our work is entirely participant-centred—participants are at the heart of everything we do. We build care plans tailored to each participant’s hopes, dreams, and desires, and our teams work closely with participants and their guardians to achieve this. We aim to find ways for participants to have happy, independent lives while providing the support they need to succeed.

Embracing Unity Through Joining Hands

Choosing the right NDIS provider is essential in receiving tailored disability support and services that respond to the participant’s specific needs and enable them to live with meaning and satisfaction.

At CDSS, as a licensed NDIS provider, we deliver personalised care and support, an extensive range of services, a highly qualified staff, and a passion for quality and safety.

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