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COVID19 Matters

CDSS is committed to ensuring safety of all of its clients

COVID19 Policy Matters

COVID-19 NDIS Policy and the government Updates

In unprecedented times, CDSS upholds its core value of protecting our clients and staff. Our world has changed to include health concerns, and we are raising our vigilance to make available a safe space for clients and staff.

CDSS is part of, and indeed obeying to the letter, official government and health organisation policies, especially in response to infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Behaviour and social distancing rules begin with every transaction and are taken very seriously by CDSS to minimise all possible risks.

When a CDSS employee with respiratory symptoms suggestive of possible illness (fever, cough or fatigue) is identified, that person is removed from the job, gets tested, and finds out within several hours if they are infected and should stay away from others. If coupled with careful delivery, a programme using such an algorithm could be the most efficient way to reduce infections from an epidemic and help us get it under control.

Suppose a staff member tests positive for COVID-19. In that case, they are quarantined immediately, and everyone who had contact with them is followed up with (a process called contact tracing) and asked to come in for testing regardless of symptoms. CDSS goes to great lengths to identify and contact anyone at risk.

However, CDSS also stresses that everyone living with a disability who tests positive for COVID-19 should follow government-released advice. Frontline support staff are expected to inform people with possible symptoms as soon as possible so that they can access information from the NDIS and other government agencies.

CDSS seeks to comply with all directions from the NDIS and the government to ensure that COVID19 and other infectious disease protocols are followed across all operations. CDSS will continue to practise care using the best methodologies at this time.

As a further precaution, CDSS asks that if any participant or their guardian/families know of anyone in their network who is symptomatic and possibly has COVID-19, CDSS be notified so we can act swiftly and accelerate the efforts to prevent the spread of this virus.

Undeterred by increasingly ominous threats against the centre, CDSS defends its success in maintaining safety as a combination of preparedness and ‘certain environment ceremonies intended for human interactions’. The unshakeable determination that ‘we [will] always be cautious with our customers and caretakers, nobody will come to us to harm us’ keeps hope alive in the face of danger.

CDSS maintains its commitment to keeping clients and staff safe, and we try to keep moving forward in the face of adversity. We will have to stay the course, adhere to our safety protocols, and be open and ransparent about what is happening so that we can all continue to move forward and stay well.

We aim to support and enhance the lives of those needing assistance.

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