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School Holiday Activities

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NDIS School Holiday Activities

Children have a right to participate in safe and enjoyable school holiday activities, just like anyone else. COVID-19 and other daily life difficulties might make it more difficult for children with disability to access the locations and activities they would ordinarily enjoy. Still, our team of excited support workers at Cervino Disability Support Services (CDSS) will ensure they have a great time at home or other approved locations.

In other health-related situations, the support staff has to be well-informed about COVID-19 awareness and health issues and has also undertaken to have hygiene and safety awareness when it comes to children. If we resort to outdoor activities, we must maintain social distance rules and raise hygiene awareness among children.

When arranging for a child to attend school holidays support, they are placing that child in our care, so we want those school holidays to be as COVID-safe as possible. We weren’t just asking CDSS to answer if they considered their venues and activities safe; we also encouraged parents and carers to do their research to ensure the safety of the young person and CDSS support workers. CDSS works for you. As an NDIS service provider, CDSS aims to follow the state and national health sector roadmap for the safety of all its participants and staff.

The support worker always follows any advice the worker/parent provides, including instructing that a participant wears a mask if required. Suppose a support worker identifies potential risks or safety concerns at a venue. In that case, they will advise the best course of action to ensure the safety of the child and the support worker, e.g., leaving the venue and finding alternative arrangements. Yamaguchi cares a lot about the safety of his NDIS participant and his staff and is keen to proactively manage any risk that may present during the outing or activity.

Should you disagree with a decision made by a support worker or feel they did something you don’t agree with, please let us know. We understand. We will work with you to find a solution if you are unhappy with something. A support worker may bring you or your child, whom you are caring for, home if you don’t agree with a decision they have made or they feel uncomfortable with what you are doing. We will always ensure your child is safe and make sure alternatives are in place in case something happens.

Also, if you or another carer has to take a child on an outing or to the venue, it’s a good idea to provide the child with PPE gear and food and drinks.

CDSS is widely recognised as a leader in providing quality, individualised, and person-centred support services. We offer a wide range of services designed to create meaningful and rich experiences for children, youth, and families, helping them become independent and social and gain the skills to lead whole lives regardless of circumstances.

Moreover, CDSS will continue to provide suitable activities for the school holidays to ensure that children under our watch have interesting, safe and enjoyable school holidays. Furthermore, the children are guaranteed peace of mind, and their parents and guardians are expected to have peace of mind as all necessary safety measures will be adhered to in addition to COVID-19 protocol.

Interested parents and guardians can schedule an appointment or call us for more information on our school holiday support services and how we assist children. The wellbeing of our children remains paramount, and our reparative measures ensure a safe and exciting school holiday for them.

We aim to support and enhance the lives of those needing assistance.

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