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Empowering Brothers and Sisters: Disability Support

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

We believe participants want to live as independently as possible. NDIS also shares this opinion and thus provides Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding so they can find the right service to help with daily tasks.
Elders with Assistance from a Younger Generation using CDSS NDIS goal-focused supports.

Community Access/Out-of-Home care

CDSS helps participants get out and about to participate in social activities, sport or to catch up with friends and family. Our staff can assist people to join in a wide range of activities and community events including.
NDIS Transport Services for Individuals with Disabilities: Enhancing Mobility and Access


CDSS manages all the requirements for participants requiring transport to and from NDIS funded supports, medical appointments, SIL activities, school drop offs and pickups etc. Our service takes the worry out of participant transport needs by ensuring clients get to appointments on time.
Group of children enjoying Community Access and Out-of-Home care services

Giving support to Carers through providing Respite care for participants

CDSS can support Participants that require respite support including short-term, temporary and emergency relief to family or friends or other Carers of the participant. Carers can often feel overwhelmed when caring for NDIS participants with high needs.
A CDSS representative assists a disabled girl in a wheelchair with art activities during school holiday activities

School Holiday Activities

School holidays are meant to be fun, but we understand that COVID-19 has altered people’s ability to access many locations safely. However, CDSS can still offer safe support to children at home or in other locations considered safe. Our enthusiastic support workers .
goal-focused supports for participants' needs, ensuring disability rights and abuse prevention

Other CDSS Supports

Personal Care Social Activities/Community Participation Purchasing Every Day items Development of Daily Living and Life Skills Building confidence and independence General Life Skills Development Individual life and personal skills development.
People discussing with distance, highlighting CDSS NDIS service values and COVID-19 precautions

COVID19 Matters

Where one of our staff members develop symptoms for COVID-19, such as a fever, dry cough or tiredness, they are immediately retired from any support work delivered by CDSS and are required to get tested. Where a CDSS staff member has tested positive to COVID 19 they are immediately asked to self isolate at home and any and all individuals we know of who may have been in contact with that individual are contacted and asked to be immediately tested.

We aim to support and enhance the lives of those needing assistance.

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